Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Absence and Kony 2012

So you might have noticed my month-long absence, or perhaps you didn't. In any case, I just wanted to make this post to say that I'm back!

I took a break in the first place because it was getting really hard for me to maintain this blog as well as my grades and extracurriculars. But I have to say that I ended up really missing blogging, so that's why I'm back. Although I might not post a whole lot, I will still try to post every so often. :) Unfortunately, I will be gone from the 11th-19th because it's spring break, and I'm actually going on a school trip to China! So I'm super excited for that. :D

Well, besides that, I really wanted to share this video that has recently gone viral. I've seen it everywhere on Facebook, and if you have 30 minutes to spare, you should definitely watch it. It brings to light a super important issue. So, please, watch it and share it.


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