Sunday, December 4, 2011

In My Mailbox #8

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren in which bloggers are able to show off what books they received. If you want to learn more, you can read about it here.

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

Hades by Alexandra Adornetto
Abandon by Meg Cabot

I'm really excited to read Abandon. I've seen both negative and positive reviews about it, but it's still something I've been wanting to read for awhile now. Hopefully, it's good. I wasn't a big fan of Halo, so I'm also hoping that Hades is a little bit better. And I love the idea of You Have Seven Messages! It really reminds me of the book Thirteen Reasons Why.

What did you guys get in your mailbox this week? Answer in the comments or leave a link to your post, so I can check it out. :D


  1. Oh I LOVE the Halo book covers! Hades is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your thoughts. I've had Halo for months, but I've not read it :S

  2. I was just recommended to check out Abandon, so I really need to check it out. I have Hades as well but I don't think I am going to read it till book 3 is going to be released so I can read them all together.

    Happy reading

  3. I've been wanting to read Abandon forever!! and agree with Sarah in the above comment.. the covers for Halo/Hades are gorgeous!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Michele | My (huge) IMM

  4. I've heard good things about Meg Cabot and really want to read Abandon. I hope you enjoy it and the others :-)

    My IMM

  5. Abandon sounds like a good book about mythology! Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Ooh you got hades! I'm glaring at your right now. Do you feel it? No? Okay :( lol I haven't read Halo yet, but it's on my tbr list and I REALLY REALLY want to read it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Understanding Shae's Story

  7. WOW! Awesome goodies in your IMM this week. Hades is gorgeous. Definitely need to pick up a copy. (Sighs)Enjoy your books.

  8. You Have Seven Messages sounds really good! Hope you enjoy!


  9. I just got Halo from the bookstore. I heard it wasn't that good, but I couldn't resist the cover art !

  10. Nice IMM, I so need to pick up something by Meg Cabot! Have a good week :)

    YA's the Word

  11. Great haul! Seven Messages sounds great and Abandon was good too!

    Xpresso Reads

  12. Awesome few books here!

    You Have Seven Messages looks really, really good! You've read 13 Reasons Why, right? Right?

    Great haul!

    Reading Writing Breathing

  13. I've had Abandon on my TBR shelf forever and haven't gotten around to getting myself a copy yet. I also wasn't a huge fan of Halo, so much so that I'm not sure if I'll bother with Hades (even though the cover is gorgeous!)

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  14. You Have Seven Messages looks like it could be a really good read!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  15. I haven't read any of these books but I've read lots of good reviews about You Have Seven Messages. Hades looks hot! I really hope I get to start that series some time soon.

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  16. Oh, these seems like great books :D Enjoy them ;)
    Thank you for commenting on my IMM. <3
    Love, Carina

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  18. Well the cover for Hades is awesome. Let's hope the book is as good as it's cover :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Jessica Books: A true story

  19. I've been hesitant about Abandon, too, so I look forward to your review!

  20. I read Abandon not too long ago and I plan to write a review for it later in the month. I wasn't blown away, but it was a decent interpretation of the Hades/Persephone myth. I'm looking forward to part two to see if it's better. The best way to describe my time reading Halo is tedious. I love the covers for both books, though! I don't know if I could handle the emotion in You Have Seven Messages, probably why I haven't read Thirteen Reasons Why either.

    Have a fabulous reading week, Kat, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  21. @Shae Carcar - You should definitely read it. :) It wasn't all that awesome, but it was still pretty enjoyable.

    @Kat C - I agree. The cover of Halo is amazing. o:

    @HD - Yes, yes, I have! I loved that book! :)

    @Kelly - I was a little unsure about reading Hades, too, but I'm the kind of person who is crazy about reading a series all the way through.. I couldn't resist picking it up when I saw it at the library, haha.

    A. Knight - I'll have to check out your review! :)

  22. Great week of books! I really want to get my hands on and read Abandon as well, the majority of people seem to enjoy it! [: Hope you enjoy all your books.
    Thanks for stopping by my IMM!

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate

  23. I loved Abandoned, can't wait for book 2! And just read Hades, and it was pretty good :) happy reading!

  24. I really want to read You Have Seven Messages! :) Happy Reading! :D

  25. I heard that You have Seven Messages is good. Hades has such a nice cover, i haven't read the first book yet. Hope this one's good though.

    Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  26. "Abandoned" sounds amazing, also great mailbox!


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